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Strawberries Heirloom Seeds

Alexandria is one of the most productive alpine strawberry varieties. The
compact, heavy blooming, runnerless perennial plants produce large
amounts of fragrant and tasty strawberries
 continuously from spring through fall.
Will often naturalize in partly shaded well watered areas of your garden.
Very simple to grow, easy to maintain, and quick to harvest.
 Heirloom  Mignonette Strawberry 
 Neat, bushy runnerless plants
 bear delicious red strawberries.
 A French type that is smaller than regular strawberries
 but have an appealing flavor and aroma.
 Excellent edging, border or container variety.
 Grow Mignonette Strawberry
 as Annual or Perennial

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Alexandria Strawberry Heirloom Seeds
Alexandria Strawberry Heirloom Seeds
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Mignonette Strawberry Heirloom Seeds
Mignonette Strawberry Heirloom Seeds
Average Rating 2 Review(s)
Your Price: $2.99

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